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The video above is a brief glimpse of the prep work that goes into performing a bone chip removal of the hind fetlock. This is before the Doctors scrub in to perform the actual procedure.

WCEH is fully equipped to perform an array of surgeries in South County’s only Equine Surgery Suites.

All surgery cases are hospitalized with continual technician care and monitoring.

Categories of surgeries that can be performed at WCEH include (but not limited to):

  1. Abdominal surgeries (including colic surgery)
  2. Arthroscopy of joints
  3. Dental and sinus surgery
  4. Dorsal spinous process surgery (Kissing Spine)
  5. Fracture repair
  6. General soft tissue surgery
  7. Laceration repair
  8. Neonatal abdominal surgery
  9. Neonatal orthopedic surgery
  10. Ophthalmic surgery
  11. Septic joint therapy
  12. Tendon sheath therapy
  13. Upper airway surgery
  14. Sterilization (castration, spay)
  15. Selected standing surgical procedures