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The success of any assisted reproductive technique in the horse lies in the management of the mare and the synchronization of her cycle.  The mare’s heat cycle is monitored via teasing patterns (receptivity to a stallion or other male stimulus), rectal palpation, ultrasound of the reproductive tract and sometimes hormone manipulation.  Dr. Mende has advanced training in equine reproduction and specializes in mare management specifically.

Because our clinic is located on an active breeding farm, WCEH is unique in its offering of Labor and Delivery Services for pregnant mares.  Our staff of veterinary assistants, with the aid of close circuit cameras and a ‘baby pager system’, monitor our mares when delivery is eminent, then notify the veterinarian who attends the delivery.  Although most mares deliver without incident, for the few times when complications arise, a veterinarian present at the time of delivery can be the difference between life and death for the foal.

WCEH Breeding Program

Wolf Creek Equine has a unique breeding and training program aimed at producing top quality young dressage and jumping horses. We start with quality, premium broodmares bred to some of the best stallions in the region.

Once the foals are born they learn how to lead and be handled by people. They learn to play with their peers but respect people’s space. Young horses are backed as 2-year olds and started with their more formal training as 3-years olds.

Our trainer, Marty Morani, is patient with young horses. He has a way of breaking and training them to be suitable for both amateur or professional riders. He starts with a combination of flat-work, jumping, and open space work-outs on the vast trails of our wooded, hilly property (banks, stream crossings, etc). As the horse’s demonstrate their talents, we try to channel them into those specific areas of riding and performance.

All young horses raised on our property are presented for sale with a full series of digital radiographs of all joints of all limbs. Broodmares are showcased but only for sale through private treaty. In utero sales of “designer foals” is available. If you are interested in any of our horses please contact Marty Morani through our office.