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Emergency Response

In an emergency follow these instructions

Call the Office first (between 8am-5pm):

If after hours call our Emergency Answering Service:

Doctors will be paged immediately!

Please be prepared to give the operator a phone number to call you back on, and the physical address where the Doctor is needed.

Note: Please use the Emergency Answering Service number only for emergencies and not to schedule appointments.


WCEH currently has three (3) full-time veterinarians, one (1) full-time surgeon, one (1) on premise intern, and eight (8) veterinary assistants on staff.  To assure your emergency needs are met one of the doctors is always On-Call 24/7. We also practice Back-Up On-Call. This means if the call volume gets particularly high, an additional doctor will help cover WCEH emergencies. This is a unique feature we are proud to offer.  An emergency is just that, and we are here to help.

Busy Days

Due to the emergency-oriented nature of private equine practice, it can be challenging to keep life and daily responsibilities balanced.  Please understand that our primary focus is to provide our patients with the care they need.  Unscheduled events may mean we are tardy for routine appointments and/or an appointment may need to be re-scheduled.  The doctors have busy schedules and are often with patients or performing procedures that limit their availability by phone or email.  WCEH makes every effort to respond in a timely manner, so we ask that you please use WCEH’s office personnel before attempting to reach a doctor by their mobile phones. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TRUE horse Emergency?

A true horse emergency is when you are worried, we are worried. If you think something is wrong please to don’t hesitate to call. In some situations cases can be time sensitive and the earlier we catch it the better. If you are having an emergency between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm please call the office at: 410-741-1473. If after hours please call our Emergency Answering Service at: 410-553-2812.

What is the process of scheduling an Emergency visit?

If you are having a TRUE horse emergency while the office is open (between 8am-5pm) please call the office at: 410-741-1473. Please have a phone number ready for the doctor to call you back on and the physical address of where the emergency is happening.

The office will contact the On-Call vet, if they are already handling an emergency the office will contact the next available vet to come see you and your horse.

If the emergency is happening outside of office hours please call our Emergency Answering Service: 410-553-2812. The Answering Service will directly inform the vet On-Call as to your emergency. Please have a phone number ready for the doctor to call you back on and the physical address of where the emergency is happening.

Is it ever to late in the day to call for an emergency?

No. We are happy to help and horse in need no matter what time it is! However, if it is after the Office is closed please contact our Emergency Answering Service at: 410-553-2812

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Dr. Mende’s the best! After many years with her, she’s done too many good things to list, and I’ve yet to see another vet who stays as current on horse health/meds as she does. She has saved at least one life here with her emergency care and she has diagnosed obscure problems that other vets have missed. And maybe most importantly, her compassion for her patients, both equine and human, can’t be matched.”

Sharon M.

“Dr. Mende has been absolutely wonderful with my TB who has been having some suspensory issues over the last few months. As we developed the short and long term plans for his recovery, there was nothing more reassuring and comforting than knowing she had taken “everything” in to consideration. That included factors such as the facility where he would complete his lay up to the therapeutic treatments that he would be a candidate for along the way. Knowing your horse is in the best hands out there certainly helps ease a lot of stress and worry! I would recommend her a million times over for any veterinary care- especially for sports medicine related injuries!”

Kristin A.

“Normally I am always happy to see Dr. Mende visit my barn, but today was a particularly heartbreaking as I had to put my mare 30+ year old mare down. Dr. Mende was so respectful and kind through the entire process. Lori, Dr. Mende’s assistant, was wonderful as well. Thank you both for your compassion you showed my mare and our entire family.”

Michele H.

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