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Health Maintenance

Many factors go into taking care of a horses’s health. Below are just a few basic maintenance items that we like to encourage every horse owner to use and have a routine in place.


The goals of our vaccination programs are to help you keep your horse’s immunization and health requirements in order.  Because many of the contagious diseases of the horse are vector borne (carried by mosquitoes) or contracted by direct exposure, the timing of these immunizations is paramount to offer maximum protection.  We are here to help you time it just right!

Never before has it been so important to know the brand and manufacturer of the vaccines used to protect your horse.  Research has shown that not all vaccines are created equal!   We have done the research for you and have incorporated the veterinary industry’s best products to help keep your horse healthy.   This means your program is designed specifically for your horse and his or her herd.

To learn about the vaccination company Wolf Creek Equine uses and their Assurance Program click here.


Of the dozens of internal parasites that can infect horses, only a few are capable of any serious harm.  Modern dewormers rank near the top of advances in horse care made in the past 50 years.  Horses are living longer, healthier lives because of these advances, making parasitic colic and other life-threatening conditions caused by parasites largely a thing of the past.  With all the highly effective dewormers readily available over-the-counter to horse owners, it seems veterinarians are removed from the deworming discussion altogether.  And therein can lie the problem.

We can help you design a parasite control program for your individual horse or herd, based on the specific needs of your barn’s environment and the age and number of horses on the property.

Here is a flyer on Fecals and how they help veterinarians determine what wormer to use for your horse and when: Fecal Flyer

Coggins Testing / Health Certificates


The Coggins Test is performed to check for a contagious disease called Equine Infectious Anemia.  There is no effective treatment for Equine Infectious Anemia, and the disease is reportable and regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture.  Proof of a negative Coggins test (the name coming from the man who invented the laboratory test used to detect the disease) is required any time a horse is sold and also required for interstate travel.  Most equine venues also require proof of a negative Coggins test within the past 12 months before allowing your horse to move onto their property.  A Coggins test is performed on a serum sample after some official USDA documents are filled out in quadruplicate.  This test is performed at a USDA-certified laboratory and results are available within 24 hours after the sample is received at the laboratory.  It may take up to 7 days to receive your negative Coggins Test documentation. So, plan ahead if you need this document before you move or sell a horse.
Health Certificates are required any time livestock, including horses, travel across state lines (interstate travel).  Items you will need to properly fill out a Health Certificate are:

  1. Proof of current vaccinations
  2. A current and negative Coggins’ test
  3. The origin and destination of livestock travel
  4. The name and license number of the transport company
  5. A signature from an accredited veterinarian
  6. A signature of the animal’s owner or owner’s agent.

The animal is inspected before shipment and is deemed ‘healthy’ before departure.

Wolf Creek Equine is proud to use Global Vet Link to electronically submit Coggins and Health Certificates. Owners can view their coggins on GVL by creating an account and logging in using the same email address Wolf Creek Equine has on file. For any questions about the login procedure please contact the office at: 410-741-1473.


More info to come…